All about drinking water


Drinking water is one of our most basic human needs. It is something that also applies to every living species. Water is essential to survival, but what makes it so? And what are the added benefits of water on your body ? A new study that was researching dietary habits of American adults has found that drinking more water can effectively reduce the number of calories you add up on a daily basis along with saturated fat, sugar, sodium and cholesterol.

The study led by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, followed the nutritional consumption of more than 18 thousand adults in the US. They found that adding just an extra glass of water or two per day reduced the rate of energy received by your body. In numbers that translates to something between 68 and 205 extra calories less per day. Thanks to this small habit change Sodium uptake was also reduced, as well as sugar which can be reduced by up to 18 grams per day and cholesterol, registering a drop of between 7 and 21 milligrams in daily consumption.

Another aspect of the results showed that this effect of water on our dietary intake is the same regardless of the race, ethnicity, professional status and even body weight. This prompted the researchers to consider a widespread campaign to raise awareness on the important nutritional qualities of water as opposed to calorie-heavy commercial beverages. They emphasized that such a campaign would not need an extra concern about localization and location specific strategy.

Therefore, the study showed that water can help you lose weight and consume your food more effectively as a simple increase of two to three glasses of water per day can greatly reduce your calorie intake and give your metabolism a healthy shake up, making you healthier in turn, healthier than you would be drinking commercial calorie heavy drinks.