The benefits and harm for human organism of antibiotics.

The discovery of antibiotics – substances that prevent microbial life, is widely regarded as the greatest medical advance of the last century.

For the invention of the first of these, penicillin, its founders were awarded the Nobel Prize.

Penicillin particularly quickly found application in the treatment of wounds during the Second World War and saved the lives of a huge number of wounded soldiers, because thanks to its use to prevent transmission of blood cleaned festering wounds and prevent gangrene.

The use of antibiotics has been so enormous that penicillin was regarded as a panacea for many deadly diseases and true magic wand for the terminally ill, because with it learned to cure pneumonia, sepsis, and even syphilis.

What is the harm of antibiotics for the body ^

However, as it turned out, not all types of pathogens was possible to win with the help of penicillin, for example, agents of tuberculosis and typhoid proved extremely resistant to it. Therefore, many well-known scientists continued to work actively in this direction, inventing new types of antibiotics.

Now in the world there are more than 100 different varieties of them that their action is divided into two large groups – the broad and narrow spectrum of action:

Broad-spectrum antibiotics, as the name suggests, an active impact on a large group of some bacteria;
Narrow-spectrum antibiotics are only effective for a particular type.
Scientists estimate that the massive use of antibiotics has increased the human lifespan by an average of 20 years, as a huge number of people they saved, and save lives, forcing retreat previously considered an incurable disease. There are few people in the world who would not have to at least once in their lives to be treated with them.

But, unfortunately, the opening of more and more antibiotics has led to the fact that they have become massively displace conventional and traditional medicines have been used not only to treat serious diseases where not do without them, but also in daily practice.

It often happens that when any ailments such as runny nose, headache or cough, people are starting to use antibiotics unnecessarily, although all heard that independently take them without a doctor’s prescription is unacceptable, because to correct the consequences of their negative impact on the body for a long time then it is necessary.