Intimate relationships


We all know that sexual intercourse is good for us. Not only is it one of the best feelings we can feel but research has already proven that it can also provide us with a number of health benefits such as better sleep, reduced risk of prostate cancer, pain relief and an overall better heart health.

Now a new benefit can be added to that list. New research shows that frequent sexual activity can impact the woman’s natural defenses in a specifically beneficial way, basically giving a big boost to her chances of conceiving. This finding adds right on top of a previous study that showed coitus’ role in increasing levels of immunoglobulin A (lgA), which represents the body’s first line of defense, thus giving a sexually active person a solid shield against common cold for example.

In a paper published on Fertility and Sterility, a team of researchers from Indiana University and specifically the Kinsey Institute, looked at a group of 30 healthy women half of whom were sexually active in order to try to find an explanation as to why sex outside the fertile window of a woman still improves her fertility rates.

The findings showed that frequent intercourse increases a woman’s number of Type 2 T-cells which are organisms that create a convenient and accommodating environment for pregnancy to occur, helping primarily in avoiding that the immune system attacks sperm cells or an emerging embryo. Among the results, Type 1 T-cells that prevent illnesses and infection also showed a spike and can eventually add to a higher chance of conception for the woman.

At the moment, doctors will typically tell couples trying to get pregnant that more sex is always helpful, but that it is extremely important to pay attention to the fertile periods in a woman’s cycle as those are the windows where chances of conceiving are the highest. But thanks to this new study, your doctor will probably not have to tell you that you should be having sex all the time!