Ben, 28 y.o.

I have treated psoriasis with Clobetasol.

Kim, 39 y.o.

I had a bad luck to get chronic eczema. Long time I was searching the right preparation as a treatment. My doctor advised me Clobetasol and after 2 weeks I got rid of eczema.

Keith, 42 y.o.

The use of clobetasol in the presence of co-infection of skin lesions. In the appointment of clobetasol should pay attention to the presence of associated lesions of an infectious nature. Additionally, you must keep in mind the possibility of such changes on the background of the drug. In these cases, you should use the appropriate antibacterial or antifungal agents. In the absence of rapid onset of positive changes with respect to related infectious nature of skin lesions on the background of specific therapy, discontinue the use of clobetasol ointment until until it reaches a sufficient control of the infectious process.

Tully, 35 y.o.

I faced the disease such as Lichen planus and successfully treated it with Clobetasol.

Sally, 31 y.o.

The reactions of irritation when using clobetasol, if a clobetasol ointment application caused local irritation reactions, the drug should be discontinued and take appropriate remedial measures. Note that the existence of allergic contact dermatitis are usually diagnosed as lack of therapeutic effect of the drug, while in allergic contact dermatitis, topical formulations which do not contain corticosteroids observed exacerbation of the underlying disease.

Bernard, 54 y.o.

Clobetasol is a great medicine which helped me many times and I treated many different deceases with it. Thanks for fast delivery.

Tim, 45 y.o.

A very good preparation, I use it always when I have psoriasis in spring.